Delfina Foundation



Thursday, 19 February  2015
Delfina Foundation

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Repeat/Rehearse tackles the cardinal rules and the ontology of non-reproducibility of performance art. ‘No rehearsal. No repetition. No predicted end’.

Guest artists Adrian Lee and Lydia Ourahmane, together with resident artists Alex Baczynski-Jenkins Jean-Paul Kelly, Alvaro Ugarte, Oscar Santillan and Bona Park will engage with different meanings of the act of repeating and rehearsing, from trial practice or learning by rote, to addressing the status of re-enactment and the mediatisation of performance art.

By presenting all pieces simultaneously and/or in loop throughout the building, the audience will directly be confronted with the ephemeral nature of the performative act and then become as many unique witnesses as there are events happening on that evening at Delfina Foundation.

Repeat/Rehease includes newly commissioned, existing, re-imagined and re-located works that challenge the assumption that ‘Performance’s only life is in the present’ (Peggy Phelan).

Also featuring Adrian Lee’s artwork Fire Exit Right (Illuminated), 2015.

This event is part of Performance as Process and is proposed by curator Yasmina Reggad.