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In Residence

Ahmad Angawi

16/10/17 — 12/11/17

Ahmad Angawi (Saudi Arabia) is a multidisciplinary creative. Bein…

Arwa Al Neami

26/09/16 — 18/12/16

Arwa Al Neami was born in Khamis Mushait, a modern city in the Asir pr…

Dana Awartani

02/09/15 — 23/09/15

Inspired by traditional art and techniques of craft making, Dana Awart…

Manal Al Dowayan

01/02/09 — 30/04/09

Manal Al Dowayan is a photographer currently living and working in the…

Moath Alofi

26/10/17 — 12/11/17

Moath Ali (Saudi Arabia) is a photographer whose work documents the ch…

Mohammed Al Faraj

15/08/18 — 02/09/18

Mohammed Al Faraj (Saudi Arabia) is a freelance artist and filmmaker f…

Nasser Al-Salem

25/06/18 — 22/07/18

Nasser Al-Salem (Saudi Arabia) works with the Arabic written word. His…

Nojoud Alsudairi

19/09/17 — 15/10/17

Nojoud Alsudairi (Saudi Arabia) is an artist and architect based in Ri…

Reem Al Nasser

26/06/17 — 27/08/17

Reem al Nasser’s (Saudi Arabia) works are influenced by her pers…