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In Residence

Ali Miharbi

09/01/17 — 02/04/17

In his practice, Ali Miharbi (Turkey) is interested in the biological,…

Anne Ruygt

09/01/17 — 02/04/17

Anne Ruygt (The Netherlands) is an art historian and curator specialis…

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Art14 Partnership

27/02/14 — 02/03/14

Art14 London is the second edition of London’s global art fair s…

In Residence

Avani Tanya

12/06/17 — 24/09/17

Avani Tanya (India) is an interdisciplinary artist working with image,…

Binelde Hyrcan

09/01/17 — 05/03/17

Binelde Hyrcan (Angola) is a multi-disciplinary artist working ac…

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DAAR (Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti): Emancipatory Education, Art and Architecture


Date: Wednesday, 25 NovemberTime: 18:30-20:00FREE RSVP: guestlist@delf…

In Residence

Deyson Gilbert

03/04/17 — 25/06/17

Deyson Gilbert (Brazil) is a visual artist, writer, tutor and editor o…

Dorith Galuz

24/05/17 — 28/05/17

Dorith Galuz (France) together with her husband Serge, is an avid…

Geumhyung Jeong

03/04/17 — 25/06/17

Geumhyung Jeong (South Korea) is a choreographer and performance artis…

Giulia Lamoni

09/01/17 — 02/04/17

Giulia Lamoni (Italy/Portugal) is an art historian exploring the artic…

Hidemi Nishida

09/01/17 — 02/04/17

In his work, Hidemi Nishida (Japan) seeks to create a primal expe…

Joshua Lue Chee Kong

01/05/17 — 25/06/17

Joshua Lue Chee Kong (Trinidad and Tobago) is an artist, researcher an…

Lu Xun

29/05/17 — 07/06/17

Lu Xun (China) together with his father Lu Jun, opened the Sifang…

Luba Michailova

15/05/17 — 18/05/17

Luba Michailova (Ukraine) is the founder of Izolyatsia, a non-profit, …

Oriol Vilanova

26/06/17 — 24/09/17

Oriol Vilanova (Spain) is an artist based in Brussels. Oriol is intere…

Pedro Barbosa

17/04/17 — 30/04/17

Pedro Barbosa (Brazil) and his wife Patricia Moraes have acquired over…

Rabbya Naseer

09/01/17 — 02/04/17

Rabbya Naseer (Pakistan) is engaged in making, curating, writing and t…

Tereza Jindrová

20/02/17 — 02/04/17

Tereza Jindrová (Czech Republic) is an art critic and cura…

Wok The Rock

03/04/17 — 25/06/17

Wok the Rock (Indonesia) is an artist and cultural activist, inte…

Özge Ersoy

29/05/17 — 25/06/17

Özge Ersoy (Turkey) is a curator and arts writer based in Istanb…