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In Residence

Abbas Akhavan

01/02/11 — 25/03/11

Born in Tehran, Abbas Akhavan has been living in Canada since 1992 whe…

Abbas Akhavan

17/08/12 — 30/10/12

Born in Tehran, Abbas Akhavan has been living in Canada since 1992 whe…


Abbas Akhavan wins Sobey Art Award 2015

Canada's prestigious award

Former resident Toronto-based artist Abbas Akhavan has won the 2015 So…

In Residence

Ala Dehghan

04/01/11 — 30/03/11

Ala Dehghan works are a compilation of small scale, mixed media drawi…

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Artist Talk: Abbas Akhavan in conversation with Mark Rappolt


Abbas Akhavan will be in conversation with Mark …

Artist Talk: Shirin Sabahi


Iranian artist Shirin Sabahi will be in conversation…



A three-year partnership with Visiting Arts

From 2009-2011, Visiting Arts, in partnership with Delfina Foundation,…

In Residence

Azin Feizabadi

15/04/14 — 07/06/14

Born in Iran, Azin Feizabadi is a filmmaker and visual artist who live…

Babak Golkar

01/02/12 — 10/04/12

Born in the United States, raised in Tehran and having lived between C…

Babak Kazemi

12/04/12 — 20/06/12

Born in 1983, Babak Kazemi is a self-taught photographer living and wo…

Behnam Sadighi

08/08/14 — 31/10/14

Behnam Sadighi's work is founded in documentary photography. He develo…

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Exhibition and Screenings : The Knowledge - Stop 2: Tehran

05/10/10 — 19/10/10

The Knowledge is an ongoing series of public programmes, which explo…

Exhibition: Abbas Akhavan

08/10/12 — 20/11/12

'Step inside and the outside follows you into this abandoned house... …

Exhibition: KHRP


Ed Kashi, Zbigniew Kosc, Susan meiselas, Patrick Robert, Olivia Arthur…

Exhibition: Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi

05/04/13 — 12/05/13

Location:Chisenhale Gallery64 Chisenhale RoadLondon E3 5QZClick here f…

In Residence

Ghazaleh Hedayat

12/04/12 — 25/06/12

Born in Tehran in 1979, Ghazaleh Hedayat received her MFA in New Genre…

Gohar Dashti

22/02/11 — 01/03/11

Born in Iran in 1980, Gohar Dashti received her M.A in Photography fro…


MOP Foundation

Residencies in association with the Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize

For the last three years, Delfina Foundation has partnered with MOP Fo…

In Residence

Mahmoud Bakhshi

13/09/10 — 12/12/10

Mahmoud Bakhshi draws inspiration for his works from the political and…

Mamali Shafahi

13/08/18 — 23/09/18

Mamali Shahafi (Iran) is interested in how the internet and emerging t…

Maryam Monalisa Gharavi

19/10/15 — 20/12/15

Maryam Monalisa Gharavi is an artist, writer, and theorist. Her work e…

Mehdi Farhadian

21/08/17 — 08/10/17

In his work, Mehdi Farhadian (Iran) seeks to integrate abstract and fi…

Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi

31/03/13 — 19/04/13

Tabatabai and Afrassiabi have collaborated as Pages since 2004, produc…

Pedram Baldari

02/02/12 — 05/04/12

Born in 1981 in Kurdistan, Pedram Baldari obtained a BA in architectur…

Shahrzad Changalvaee

22/06/12 — 30/08/12

Born in 1983 in Iran, Shahrzad Changalvaee received a BA in Graphic De…

Shirin Sabahi

01/08/12 — 30/10/12

Born in Tehran in 1984 Tehran, Shirin Sabahi uses image as the primary…

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