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In Residence

Abbas Akhavan

01/02/11 — 25/03/11

Born in Tehran, Abbas Akhavan has been living in Canada since 1992 whe…

Abbas Akhavan

17/08/12 — 30/10/12

Born in Tehran, Abbas Akhavan has been living in Canada since 1992 whe…

Ahmet Ögüt

03/02/12 — 12/12/12

Born in Diyarbakir, Turkey in 1981, Ahmet Öğüt has gained i…

What's on

Ala Younis: Plan for Feminist Greater Baghdad

01/02/18 — 24/03/18

A solo exhibition by Ala Younis including a newly commisioned wor…

In Residence

Ala' Younis

01/01/10 — 28/02/10

Ala Younis artwork investigates the political, intellectual and social…

Alia Farid

21/04/13 — 24/05/13

Born in 1985, Alia Farid is a Kuwaiti-Puerto Rican artist who works at…

Amina Menia

01/02/09 — 30/04/09

Amina Menia is a mixed-media artist currently living and working in Al…

What's on

An installation for Horniman Gardens by Ali Miharbi

16/08/17 — 26/11/17

Dates: 16/08/17 - 26/11/17Times: Mon - Sat, 07:15 - sunset; Sun, …

Artist Talk: Abbas Akhavan in conversation with Mark Rappolt


Abbas Akhavan will be in conversation with Mark …

In Residence

Asunción Molinos Gordo

13/01/14 — 07/04/14

Asunción Molinos Gordo obtained her B.F.A. from the Universidad…

Atef Berredjem

29/03/11 — 09/05/11

Born in Algiers in 1982, Atef Berredjem graduated from the Algiers Fin…

Babak Golkar

01/02/12 — 10/04/12

Born in the United States, raised in Tehran and having lived between C…

Baptist Coelho

03/10/11 — 25/03/12

Born in India in 1977, Baptist Coelho frequently merges personal resea…

Bashar Alhroub

21/06/12 — 15/08/12

Bashar Alhroub has produces artworks that directly deal with the polem…

Bisan Abu Eiseh

15/07/12 — 10/09/12

Bisan Abu-Eisheh is an artist and M.A. candidate at Central Saint Mart…

Candice Lin

07/01/14 — 31/01/14

Candice Lin is a multimedia artist working primarily in sculpture and …

Dina Danish

07/01/13 — 31/03/13

Egyptian artist Dina Danish’s work combines conceptual art's pre…

What's on

Exhibition: Abbas Akhavan

08/10/12 — 20/11/12

'Step inside and the outside follows you into this abandoned house... …

Exhibition: La Tierra de Nadie

03/04/08 — 11/04/08

La Tierra de Nadie (2008), a multi-screen video installation, was co…

Exhibition: Manal Mahamid - Dry Ice

24/07/09 — 24/07/10

Manal Mahamid grew up in Muawiya, a village in the s…


Exhibition: The Spacemakers

30/07/10 — 24/08/10

In Residence

Faycal Baghriche

08/01/12 — 26/03/12

Born in Algeria in 1972, Fayçal Baghriche grew up between two c…

Gayle Chong Kwan

16/01/14 — 01/04/14

Gayle Chong Kwan is a London-based artist whose large-scale photograph…

Ghazaleh Hedayat

12/04/12 — 25/06/12

Born in Tehran in 1979, Ghazaleh Hedayat received her MFA in New Genre…

Hazem Harb

26/07/11 — 29/09/11

Using a variety of techniques, Hazem Harb deals with a number of core …

Hera Büyüktasçiyan

08/07/14 — 29/09/14

Hera Büyüktaşçıyan is a Turkish artist based in Ist…


Interview: Ali Miharbi

Using his recently co-commissioned work 'Wind Organ' as a starting point, we delve into the processes and thinking behind Ali's practice, which explores sound and its mechanical production.

Ali Miharbi, 2017. Photo credit Christian Luebbert, Copyright Delfina …

In Residence

Ismael Iglesias

01/07/08 — 01/10/08

Ismael Iglesias blends the achievements of traditional pictorial avant…

Jeremy Hutchison

06/08/12 — 30/09/12

Jeremy Hutchison (b. 1979) lives and works in London. He was trained i…

Joe Namy

07/01/13 — 31/03/13

Joe Namy works with sampled sounds, documentary / music videos and pho…

Joe Namy

08/06/15 — 20/07/15

Joe Namy is a Beirut based artist/composer. His projects often address…

Jungki Beak

26/09/16 — 18/12/16

Driven by an interest in religion, Eastern philosophy, and science, Ju…

Lamia Joreige

01/10/09 — 31/12/09

 Born in Lebanon in 1972, Lamia Joreige is a visual artist and fi…

Larissa Sansour

24/01/14 — 31/03/14

Larissa Sansour was born in East Jerusalem and studied fine arts in Lo…

Magdi Mostafa

08/01/12 — 07/04/12

Born in Egypt in 1982, Magdi Mostafa is a Cairo-based artist who works…

Magdi Mostafa

08/06/15 — 01/07/15

Magdi Mostafa is a Cairo-based artist who works primarily with site-sp…

Mahmoud Bakhshi

13/09/10 — 12/12/10

Mahmoud Bakhshi draws inspiration for his works from the political and…

Malak Helmy

23/09/14 — 15/12/14

Malak Helmy born in Alexandria (1982), is an artist and writer. She se…

Manal Mahamid

01/06/08 — 30/08/08

Manal Mahamid works across video, installation and photography. A remi…

Mo Nabil

01/08/11 — 30/09/11

Born in Egypt in 1986, Mo Nabil is an artist based in Alexandria, Egyp…

Muhammad Ali

01/09/09 — 31/10/09

Muhammad Ali's multi-discipline approach to art-making spans across vi…

Nadia Kaabi-Linke

04/10/11 — 15/03/12

Nadia Kaabi-Linke was born in 1978 in Tunis to a Ukrainian mother…

Nathaniel Rackowe

01/09/09 — 30/11/09

Designed to interact with the environment in which they are situated, …

Nisrine Boukhari

01/09/09 — 31/10/09

Nisrine Boukhari is a mixed media and installation artist based in Dam…

Onur Gökmen

14/08/15 — 18/10/15

Onur Gökmen is interested in the discourses, objects and narrativ…

Oraib Toukan

01/10/09 — 31/12/09

Oraib Toukan works across media in photography, video, and installatio…

Oussama Tabti

28/03/12 — 12/08/12

Born in Algeria in 1988, Oussama Tabti is a graduate of the Academy of…

What's on

PROJECT: THE EMPIRE REMAINS SHOP As part of The Politics of Food programme of events

04/08/16 — 06/11/16

Dates: August – November 2016 Venue: 93 Baker Street, Maryl…

In Residence

Raed Yassin

03/12/10 — 13/01/11

Raed Yassin graduated from the Theatre Department of the Institute of …

Rana Begum

01/09/09 — 30/11/09

Rana Begum transforms the overpowering associations of urban debasemen…

Rene Gabri + Ayreen Anastas

24/01/14 — 31/03/14

Ayreen Anastas: At the beginning there was air. A biography without a …

What's on

Screening: Collapse (work-in-progress)

22/07/09 — 07/08/09

Collapse (work-in-progress)Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme22 Ju…

In Residence

Shezad Dawood

01/11/10 — 30/11/10

Born in the UK in 1974, Shezad Dawood works across installation and fi…


Shezad Dawood's 'New Dream Machine' with PRAED

At Parasol Unit on 02/02/13, 18:00

Parasol Unit, in association with Delfina Foundation, hosts a rare opp…

In Residence

Shirin Sabahi

01/08/12 — 30/10/12

Born in Tehran in 1984 Tehran, Shirin Sabahi uses image as the primary…


Talk: Jawad Al-Malhi


Talk: Oraib Toukan


Talk: Shuruq Harb


In Residence

Tayfun Serttas

30/09/10 — 13/11/10

Tayfun Serttaş is an artist, writer and researcher.  His install…

Tobias Collier

01/02/11 — 25/03/11

Born in the UK in 1972, Tobias Collier graduated from Saint Martins Sc…

Tobias Collier

01/03/09 — 31/05/09

Tobias Collier’s work is an attempt to make sense of the infinit…

Wafa Hourani

01/07/08 — 30/09/08

Born in Hebron in 1979, Wafa Hourani studied at the Ecole d’Art …

Yasmin Jahan Nupur

17/02/15 — 16/03/15

Yasmin Jahan Nupur completed her MFA in paintings from Chittagong Univ…

Yudi Noor

07/01/13 — 31/03/13

Yudi Noor was born in West Java, Indonesia, and lives and works in Ber…

Zeinab Al Hashemi

20/07/15 — 30/08/15

Based in Dubai, Zeinab Al Hashemi specializes in site specific install…