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19/02/16 — 03/04/16

The winter season public programme presents th…

In Residence

Bérénice Saliou

07/01/13 — 31/03/13

Bérénice Saliou’s curatorial practice explores the…


Bérénice Saliou and Aaron Cezar: In Conversation about Artist Residencies

At Tiwani Contemporary

Join Tiwani Contemporary in welcoming Bérénice Saliou, independent curato…

In Residence

Caroline Hancock

18/11/13 — 23/12/13

Caroline Hancock is an independent curator, writer, editor and transla…

Cecilia Bengolea

04/04/16 — 08/07/16

Cecilia Bengolea is a performance artist with a particular interest in…

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Conversation and Screening: Katia Kameli


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