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In Residence

Ahmet Ögüt

03/02/12 — 12/12/12

Born in Diyarbakir, Turkey in 1981, Ahmet Öğüt has gained i…

Alan Poma

26/09/16 — 06/11/16

Alan Poma (Peru) is a multidisciplinary sound artist, whose work has f…

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Artist Talk: Aslı Çavuşoğlu


Asli Çavuşoğlu discussed the themes that surround Murder…

Artist Talk: Shirin Sabahi


Iranian artist Shirin Sabahi will be in conversation…

Artist Talk: Wael Shawky


This evening event marked the first part of Wael Sha…

In Residence

Arwa Al Neami

26/09/16 — 18/12/16

Arwa Al Neami was born in Khamis Mushait, a modern city in the Asir pr…

Asli Sungu

01/01/10 — 28/02/10

Asli Sungu’s practice spans from video to paint installations. H…

Bashar Alhroub

21/06/12 — 15/08/12

Bashar Alhroub has produces artworks that directly deal with the polem…

Basia Lewandowska Cummings

07/04/14 — 20/06/14

Basia Lewandowska Cummings is a writer, editor and film curator based …

Behnam Sadighi

08/08/14 — 31/10/14

Behnam Sadighi's work is founded in documentary photography. He develo…

Candice Lin

07/01/14 — 31/01/14

Candice Lin is a multimedia artist working primarily in sculpture and …

Caroline Campbell

19/10/15 — 15/11/15

Caroline Campbell is an artist, writer and filmmaker with a broad inte…

Claudio Bueno

17/09/12 — 17/12/12

Claudio Bueno is a multimedia artist pursuing a PhD in Visual Arts at …

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Conversation and Screening: Katia Kameli


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