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In Residence

Ahmed Badry

01/03/10 — 31/05/10

Ahmed Badry‘s artistic practice focuses on his interest in the c…

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Artist talk: Asunción Molinos Gordo


Since 2006 Asunción Molinos Gordo has been working on issues re…




A three-year partnership with Visiting Arts

From 2009-2011, Visiting Arts, in partnership with Delfina Foundation,…


Artists-in-Residence (A.i.R) Dubai

Announcing resident artists and curator

Delfina Foundation, the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority (Dubai Cult…

In Residence

Asunción Molinos Gordo

13/01/14 — 07/04/14

Asunción Molinos Gordo obtained her B.F.A. from the Universidad…

Dina Danish

07/01/13 — 31/03/13

Egyptian artist Dina Danish’s work combines conceptual art's pre…

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Exhibition: Artists-in-Residence (A.i.R.) Dubai 2013

14/03/13 — 24/03/13

Opening reception:16/3/2013, 18:00 Panel discussions:16/3/2013, 15:00a…

In Residence

Magdi Mostafa

08/01/12 — 07/04/12

Born in Egypt in 1982, Magdi Mostafa is a Cairo-based artist who works…

Magdi Mostafa

08/06/15 — 01/07/15

Magdi Mostafa is a Cairo-based artist who works primarily with site-sp…

Mahmoud Khaled

17/09/12 — 17/12/12

Mahmoud Khaled's practice is both process oriented and multidisciplina…

Malak Helmy

23/09/14 — 15/12/14

Malak Helmy born in Alexandria (1982), is an artist and writer. She se…

Mariam Elnozahy

27/06/18 — 19/08/18

Mariam Elnozahy (Egypt/USA) is a curator, archivist, and cultural mana…

Mo Nabil

01/08/11 — 30/09/11

Born in Egypt in 1986, Mo Nabil is an artist based in Alexandria, Egyp…

Sarah Rifky

19/09/11 — 15/12/11

Sarah Rifky lives, writes, talks, curates and teaches in Cairo, Egypt …

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Screenings at The Whitechapel: Videobrasil em Contexto


The winners of the Videobrasil em Contexto Prize, Egyptian artist [[li…

In Residence

Sherief Gaber

13/04/14 — 18/05/14

As part of I is A Collective Memory, nothing of I is contemporary; I, …

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Talk: Digitizing Dissent with Mosireen Collective


Monday 28 April 2014
Delfina Foundation FREE (RSVP: guestlis…


Videobrasil in Context

A partnership between Videobrasil, Casa Tomada and Delfina Foundation

The Videobrasil em Contexto Prize (Videobrasil in Context) was focused…

In Residence

Wael Shawky

31/03/11 — 20/04/11

Wael Shawky lives and works in Alexandria, Egypt. His most recent work…