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In Residence

Aastha Chauhan

25/09/14 — 21/12/14

Aastha Chauhan specialised in sculpture both for her B.F.A, completed …

Ala Younis

21/09/15 — 17/12/15

Ala Younis is an artist, curator and writer. She distributes her creat…

Ala' Younis

01/01/10 — 28/02/10

Ala Younis artwork investigates the political, intellectual and social…

Alexandra MacGilp

08/01/12 — 07/04/12

Born in 1978, Dr. Alexandra (Ali) MacGilp is an independent curator an…

Alia Swastika

18/01/16 — 03/04/16

Alia Swastika (Indonesia) has worked as Program Director for Ark Galer…

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All Events: Curatorial Season

19/02/16 — 03/04/16

The winter season public programme presents th…

In Residence

Allison Thompson

11/01/16 — 03/04/16

Allison Thompson, Ph.D., (Barbados) is an art historian and curator li…

Amanda Abi Khalil

26/02/18 — 01/04/18

Amanda Abi Khalil (Lebanon) is an independent art curator based i…

Anannya Mehtta

17/09/12 — 23/12/12

 Anannya Mehtta completed her Masters in Political Science from D…

Andrey Parshikov

02/04/18 — 15/04/18

Andrey Parshikov (Russia) began his career as a curator from a keen in…

Anne Ruygt

09/01/17 — 02/04/17

Anne Ruygt (The Netherlands) is an art historian and curator specialis…

Anton Lapov

08/01/18 — 01/04/18

Anton Lapov (Ukraine) is an artist, independent curator and museologis…

Ayesha Matthan

28/09/14 — 21/12/14

Ayesha Matthan has a Bachelors in English Literature from St. Stephen'…

Barrak Alzaid

08/01/12 — 08/02/12

Barrak Alzaid (b. 1985 Kuwait, MA Performance Studies, NYU) is a write…

Basia Lewandowska Cummings

07/04/14 — 20/06/14

Basia Lewandowska Cummings is a writer, editor and film curator based …

Bérénice Saliou

07/01/13 — 31/03/13

Bérénice Saliou’s curatorial practice explores the…

Caroline Hancock

18/11/13 — 23/12/13

Caroline Hancock is an independent curator, writer, editor and transla…

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Dinner: Tasting power - The Politics of Food Diplomacy


Date: Thursday, 28/5/15Time: 19.00-21:30Location: Delfina Foundation&n…


Exhibition: The Spacemakers

30/07/10 — 24/08/10

In Residence

Florence Ostende

22/02/16 — 03/04/16

A curator, writer and art historian, Florence Ostende recently organiz…

Gabriela Salgado

06/01/15 — 16/03/15

Gabriela Salgado is an Argentine-born curator based in London, UK. &nb…

Gitanjali Dang

27/07/15 — 18/10/15

Gitanjali Dang is a Bombay-based curator, writer and researcher. She i…

Giulia Lamoni

09/01/17 — 02/04/17

Giulia Lamoni (Italy/Portugal) is an art historian exploring the artic…

Hala Muhanna

01/10/07 — 15/12/07

Hala Muhanna is a Palestinian-Hungarian artist. She started her career…

Jamila Adeli

13/08/12 — 17/09/12

Jamila Adeli is an art historian and freelance curator based in Berlin…

Kamini Sawhney

28/09/14 — 21/12/14

Kamini Sawhney is Curator of the Jehangir Nicholson Gallery at the CSM…

Kate Strain

18/01/15 — 28/01/15

Benjamin Abras (1975, Contagem (MG) Brazil) is a multimedia artist and…

Lina Romanukha

18/01/16 — 03/04/16

Lina Romanukha (Ukraine) is a curator and cultural manager based in Ky…

Lucie Drdova

15/01/18 — 25/02/18

Lucie Drdova (Czech Republic) is a gallerist and curator. She runs the…

Marianna Liosi

28/09/15 — 20/12/15

Marianna Liosi (b. 1982, Italy) is an independent curator currently li…

Marina Noronha

11/01/16 — 03/04/16

Marina Noronha (Brazil) is a researcher and curator. Her research…

Merve Ünsal

23/09/13 — 23/12/13

Born in 1985, Merve Ünsal is an artist based in Istanbul.  S…

Michael C. Vazquez

13/01/14 — 06/04/14

Michael C. Vazquez is a writer, editor and curator whose primary inter…

Michal Novotny

11/01/16 — 21/02/16

Michal Novotný (Czech Republic) is a curator and the director a…

Mirna Bamieh

23/07/12 — 16/09/12

Born in 1983, Mirna Bamieh is an artist and curator based in Jeru…

Nadia Christidi

20/09/12 — 16/12/12

Nadia Al Issa / Christidi is an artist, researcher, writer, and cultur…

Nat Muller

18/03/15 — 05/06/15

Nat Muller is an independent curator and critic based in Rotterdam. He…

Nida Ghouse

19/09/11 — 15/12/11

Nida Ghouse was assistant curator of the 10th Sharjah Biennial, and ha…

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Performance: I Served the King of England


Date: Friday 19 FebruaryTime: 18:30-21:00FREE RSVP essential: guestlis…

In Residence

Prajna Desai

25/09/14 — 21/12/14

Prajna Desai obtained a Ph.D. in History of Art from Yale University i…

Rabbya Naseer

09/01/17 — 02/04/17

Rabbya Naseer (Pakistan) is engaged in making, curating, writing and t…

Rebecca Heald

15/06/12 — 15/08/12

Rebecca Heald is an independent curator and consultant. She recently c…


Research Fellowship

An annual programme for curators and researchers from India and the Middle East & North Africa

Delfina Foundation is part of a three-year collaboration between the F…

In Residence

Santiago Villanueva

01/02/18 — 13/05/18

Santiago Villanueva (Argentina) is a curator and artist who lives and …

Sarah Rifky

19/09/11 — 15/12/11

Sarah Rifky lives, writes, talks, curates and teaches in Cairo, Egypt …

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Seminar: Queering Curatorial Practice



In Residence

Sonya Dyer

02/02/14 — 06/04/14

Sonya Dyer is an artist and writer from London. Her research-based pra…

Srajana Kaikini

23/09/13 — 23/12/13

Srajana Kaikini is a writer, curator, researcher keen on mapping inter…

Susana Vargas Cervantes

11/01/16 — 03/04/16

Susana Vargas Cervantes (Mexico) holds a PhD in Art History and Commun…

What's on

Talk: 2013 Research Fellows - Srajana Kaikini and Merve Ünsal


Date:  17/12/13, 18:30 - 20:00Address:  Iniva, 1 Rivington P…

In Residence

Tereza Jindrová

20/02/17 — 02/04/17

Tereza Jindrová (Czech Republic) is an art critic and cura…


The Brooks International Fellowship Programme

in partnership with Tate

Delfina Foundation, in collaboration with Tate, have selected two Indi…

In Residence

Wafa Gabsi

04/01/12 — 30/01/12

Born in Tunisia, Wafa Gabsi studied Fine Art in Tunis and then earned …

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Who Really Owns It? Thinking Through Ownership of Contemporary Art and Cultural Heritage


Date: 20 June 2017Time: 19:00 Venue: Delfina Found…

In Residence

Yasmina Reggad

04/01/16 — 25/03/16

Yasmina Reggad is an independent curator, writer and researcher based …

What's on

screening and discussion: Open Media Ecologies


Open Media Ecologies: a screening and discussion09/06/2014 19:00-20:30…

In Residence

Élise Atangana

19/10/15 — 20/12/15

Élise Atangana (Cameroon / France) is an independent curator an…

Övül Ö. Durmuşoğlu

08/04/14 — 19/05/14

Övül Ö.Durmuşoğlu is a curator and writer living…

Özge Ersoy

04/01/12 — 30/01/12

Özge Ersoy is a curator and writer currently based in Istanbul. S…

Özge Ersoy

29/05/17 — 25/06/17

Özge Ersoy (Turkey) is a curator and arts writer based in Istanb…