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Daisuke Miyatsu

29/08/17 — 14/09/17

Daisuke Miyatsu (Japan) has amassed an impressive collection of c…

Dorith Galuz

24/05/17 — 28/05/17

Dorith Galuz (France) together with her husband Serge, is an avid…

Lu Xun

29/05/17 — 07/06/17

Lu Xun (China) together with his father Lu Jun, opened the Sifang…

Luba Michailova

15/05/17 — 23/06/17

Luba Michailova (Ukraine) is the founder of Izolyatsia, a non-profit, …

Pedro Barbosa

17/04/17 — 30/04/17

Pedro Barbosa (Brazil) and his wife Patricia Moraes have acquired over…

Rudy Tseng

09/10/17 — 15/10/17

Rudy Tseng (Taiwan) is an independent curator and a full-time art…