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In Residence

Alice Shintani

25/09/17 — 17/12/17

Alice Shintani (Brazil) works from an expanded idea of painting as sta…

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All Events: Curatorial Season

19/02/16 — 03/04/16

The winter season public programme presents th…

In Residence

Antonio Obá

13/11/17 — 17/12/17

In the field of art historiography, the work of Antonio Obá…

Benjamin Abras

02/02/15 — 16/03/15

Benjamin Abras (1975, Contagem (MG) Brazil) is a multimedia artist and…

Claudio Bueno

17/09/12 — 17/12/12

Claudio Bueno is a multimedia artist pursuing a PhD in Visual Arts at …

Deyson Gilbert

03/04/17 — 25/06/17

Deyson Gilbert (Brazil) is a visual artist, writer, tutor and editor o…

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Exhibition: Tales of an Imagined City

12/11/14 — 19/12/14

Private view: 11 November 17:00–20:00Dates: 12 November – …

Experiment: Constructions in Space


Date: Tuesday 8 MarchTime: 18:30-21:00FREE RSVP essential: guestlist@d…

In Residence


04/04/16 — 26/06/16

Luísa Nóbrega (Brazil) is an artist who explores th…

Laura Belém

01/10/18 — 16/12/18

Laura Belém (Brazil) works in a range of media, including insta…

Luiz Roque

04/08/14 — 29/09/14

Luiz Roque is interested in the plasticity of the image, its surface a…

Marina Noronha

11/01/16 — 03/04/16

Marina Noronha (Brazil) is a researcher and curator. Her research…

Marina Rheingantz

20/08/15 — 26/09/15

Marina Rheingantz (b. 1983), lives and works in São Paulo, Braz…

Matheus Rocha Pitta

17/04/15 — 05/06/15

The practice of Matheus Rocha Pitta (Brazil) critically explores the e…

Pedro Barbosa

17/04/17 — 30/04/17

Pedro Barbosa (Brazil) and his wife Patricia Moraes have acquired over…


Q&A - Luísa Nóbrega

Performance as Process resident Luísa Nóbrega writes on language, translation and the voice

Luísa Nóbrega, tsunami, 2016. Photo: Luciana Magno. How …

In Residence

Roberto Winter

28/09/15 — 20/12/15

Roberto Winter engages in the production of things that try to make th…

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Screenings at The Whitechapel: Videobrasil em Contexto


The winners of the Videobrasil em Contexto Prize, Egyptian artist [[li…


Videobrasil in Context

A partnership between Videobrasil, Casa Tomada and Delfina Foundation

The Videobrasil em Contexto Prize (Videobrasil in Context) was focused…

In Residence

Vivian Caccuri

18/07/18 — 30/09/18

Vivian Caccuri (Brazil) uses sound as the vehicle for experiments in s…