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OPEN CALL -  Brooks International Fellowship Programme 2018

Open call for curators, researchers or art historians

Tate, in collaboration with Delfina Foundation, invites applications for the Brooks International Fellowship Programme 2018. Now in its fourth year, the programme will enable three curators, researchers, art historians or other museum professionals to work with Tate colleagues in London for three months commencing January 2018, complemented by activities at Delfina Foundation. 

During this period, the Fellows will be part of a Tate team, actively participating in gallery projects and discussions, with special access to the collection, programme, archive, staff and wider networks.

The Fellows will reside at Delfina Foundation, where they will contribute to the public programme by presenting their research at Tate to a range of audiences.

These fully funded opportunities are made possible by the generous support of the Rory and Elizabeth Brooks Foundation.

Opportunity 1

Tate Britain's Curatorial Department encourages applications from candidates currently based in Asia, to work on a research project around Asian artists who studied or worked in Britain, or developed their work in collaboration with British artists in the post-war period (1945 to 1970). 

The Fellow will support research around the presence in Britain of artists from Asia either working or attending art school in Britain in the post-Second World War period; alternatively they could focus on exchanges between Asian and British artists through joint exhibitions and collaborations. This research project will feed directly into the development of the Tate collection and might inform the early stage development of a major exhibition looking at British art in the post-war period. Outputs of the fellowship could include two seminars at Tate, a contribution to Tate Papers and activities with partner organisations building research in this field.

Hosted by the Tate Modern Curatorial Department, this is an exciting opportunity to contribute to Tate's international strategies for the research, acquisition and presentation of art from the 20th and 21st centuries.
The Fellow will work with the Daskalopolous Senior Curator of International Art to conduct research on new curatorial and museological methodologies for exploring non-Western and comparative approaches to global modernities. They will be responsible for conducting research at the Tate’s library and university libraries in London in order to build a bibliography on academic and theoretical texts as well as exhibitions, conferences, and relevant projects on transnational frameworks for the interpretation of international art histories. He/she will connect with relevant academic programmes such as Cornell University’s Institute of Comparative Modernities and The University of the Arts London’s Research Centre for Transnational Art, Identity and Nation. They will help plan a series of internal lectures and workshops to take place throughout the year, culminating in a major public conference in late 2017.

Opportunity 2

Tate's Research Development Department and Tate Modern Curatorial invite scholars interested in the upsurge in magic realist and surrealist activity in the 1940s-60s in the countries of the Caribbean, central or South America, or alternatively, in Japan, Korea or South East Asia.

The intellectual debates between the proponents of so-called fantastic art, magic realism, reportage art and aspects of surrealism may now be seen as part of a wider cultural context for the period. Tate has begun a substantial research project investigating surrealism on an international scale, which will lead to a major exhibition at Tate Modern . The Fellow will contribute expertise and specialist knowledge of the field, in relation to one or more of the countries listed above, through discussions with the team and possibly an informal presentation to Tate staff . The Fellow will also undertake research specifically for the exhibition, making use of library and archival resources at Tate and elsewhere in London. 

Additionally, the Fellow will play a key role in organising a workshop with invited specialists, to discuss issues relating both to the Fellow's research field and to the broader Tate research project, with a view to building networks and collaborations.

Opportunity 3

Hosted by Tate Modern Curatorial Department, this is an exciting opportunity to work on a research project which will inform Tate's Africa strategy. We welcome applications from candidates with demonstrable interest and professional experience in one or more of the following areas of focus: 

- Women artists working in Africa from the mid- 1940s- 1970s.
- Artists associated with Makerere University from the 1940s- 1960s.
- The impact of the socialist era on artistic practices in Africa.
- The history of popular painting in the Congo. 

As well as carrying out research on the above topics, where relevant the fellow would make proposals as to how specific works could be used in displays in relation to other material already in Tate's collection. Bilingual knowledge of French and English is required, and Portuguese would be helpful but is not essential.

For further information about the programme and individual Fellowship opportunities please refer to the Tate website or send an email to