Delfina Foundation

Moraes-Barbosa Collection

Annual residency programme for Brazilian artists

Since in 2014 Delfina Foundation has partnered with the Moraes-Barbosa Collection to provide an annual three-month residency for a Brazilian artist through an open call selection. 

Coleção Moraes-Barbosa started in 1999. Ever since, their collection has been evolving, focusing at first on Brazilian modern masters, and soon incorporating Brazilian and Latin American contemporary artists.

Residencies supported by the Moraes-Barbosa Collection:

Luiz Roque (04/08/14 — 29/09/14)

Roberto Winter (28/09/15 — 20/12/15)

Luísa Nóbrega (04/04/16 — 26/06/16)

Deyson Gilbert (03/04/17 — 25/06/17)