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Residencies in association with the Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize

For the last three years, Delfina Foundation has partnered with MOP Foundation to offer residencies for Iranian artists who have won or been nominated for its bi-annual prize.

The Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize (MOP CAP) is the first award to globally recognise the talent of emerging Iranian artists, many of whom have had little exposure on the competitive international art scene. The award is designed to support and promote the career development of the most exciting young Iranian artists in the world. The residency at Delfina Foundation is associated with MOP CAP and has normally been provided for the winner and several nominated artists, through a separate application process directly to Delfina Foundation.

2010/11 MOP Residents:
Mahmoud Bakhshi (MOP CAP 2009 winner)
Ala Dehghan

2011/12 MOP Residents:
Shirin Sabahi (MOP CAP 2011 winner)
Babak Kazemi
Ghazaleh Hedayat
Shahrzad Changalvaee

Also in 2011/12, Delfina Foundation and MOP, in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum, launched an open call for Iranian artists to undertake a commission-based residency for the V&A Museum's Friday Late night event for Nowruz.  Babak Golkar and Pedram Baldari were selected through a competitive process to produce new site-specific works for exhibition during this event.  Images of the event can be found here.

2013/14 MOP Residents:
Azin Feizabadi 
Behnam Sadighi (MOP CAP 2013 winner)

2015/16 MOP Resident:
Nader Koochaki (MOP CAP 2015 winner)

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