Delfina Foundation

MATE, Museo Mario Testino

An annual residency for a Peruvian artist

Through this partnership MATE and Delfina Foundation aims to encourage creative exchange between Peru and the UK and promote Peruvian artists internationally.

MATE is a non-profit institution established to contribute to Peru through the cultivation and promotion of culture and heritage. Founded in 2012 by photographer Mario Testino, MATE is a manifestation of Testino’s pride for his native country and a desire to give back through culture.

Each year an artist is nominated for Delfina Foundation's residency programme, which typically takes place in the summer. 


Peruvian artist Philippe Gruenberg was in residence at Delfina Foundation during summer 2014. During his residency Gruneberg conducted research for an exhibition  at MATE.


Peruvian artist José Vera Matos was in residence at Delfina Foundation during summer 2015.


Peruvian Alan Poma will be in residence at Delfina Foundation during autumn 2016.


In summer 2017 Amapola Prada was in residence at Delfina Foundation for six weeks. During the residency Amapola worked on a new project that will be shown at Mario Testino Museum (MATE) in Lima in 2018.