Delfina Foundation

Winter 2016: Curatorial Season

For Winter 2016 we invite seven curators into residence through five unique international partnerships. The three-month season will see a focus on curatorial practice and a series of public events led by the curators. Each curator was selected in collaboration with the international partner, providing an exciting range of practices from a broad range of countries. Throughout the season a public programme of events curated by the residents explores diverse curatorial frameworks from reading art historical archives to theatrical happenings. For further details about the public programme please click here.

The Brooks Fellowship at Tate 

Marina Noronha (Brazil) is a curator and researcher with a focus on the role played by the processes of deaccessioning in the formation and mobility of collections. As an independent curator, Noronha focuses on the relationships between permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, including display methods that experiment with environmental features, such as light and duration.

Susana Vargas Cervantes (Mexico) is a curator who specialises in criminal photography in the visual culture of crime in Mexico. Furthermore, her doctoral and postdoctoral research focuses on representation and queer politics through reading late-nineteenth and twentieth-century photographic archives.

Allison Thompson (Barbados) is a curator specialising in the effects of migration, colonisation and assimilation on visual representations of the Caribbean region. In turn this research considers the tensions of identity experienced and interrogated by contemporary Caribbean and diaspora artists.

Institut Français

Florence Ostende (France) is an independent curator with a specialist interest in the history of exhibitions and display methodologies. Her current research project explores the cultural history of dioramas and its influence on contemporary artists and thinkers, leading to an exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo in 2017.

IndoArtNow and SAM Fund

Alia Swastika (Indonesia) has a politically-engaged approach to curatorial practice, drawing on the specificities of the Indonesian context. While in London, she intends to develop research about the relationship between South East Asia and the UK and the role played by exhibitions in representing the region internationally.

Arts and Theatre Institute - Artists in Residence Programme and Czech Centre London

Michal Novotny (Czech Republic) is the director and curator of FUTURA, a non-profit art space in Prague. His exhibitions often employ experimental frameworks and logics, such as creating fictional links between artworks from different periods to challenge the linear conception of art history.


Lina Romanukha (Ukraine) is a curator and cultural manager based in Kyiv. She has worked in various roles at organisations such as the Les Kurbas National Theatre Centre, Karas, and PinchukArtCentre. As part of her residency, Romanukha will focus on curatorial research activities leading to a one-year position at IZOLYATSIA, including the development of a database of Ukrainian artists.