Delfina Foundation

Theme: Performance as Process – Stage 3

Residency & Public Programme

2 April – 24 June 2018

Building on the previous two iterations, Delfina Foundation is pleased to announce the third stage of our Performance as Process theme. Running during the three-month Spring 2018 season the programme includes an exhibition, residencies and public programme events.

This third stage will explores performativity in different forms of collaboration between people, addressing socio-political relationships and collective power.


Alex Mirutziu: Between Too Soon and Too Late
26 April to 2 June 2018

Delfina Foundation and European ArtEast Foundation collaborate to present Between Too Soon and Too Late, the first solo exhibition in the UK by Alex Mirutziu (b. 1981, Sibiu, Romania).

Mirutziu's practice interrogates the process of how we create meaning to interpret the world around us. Inspired by philosophy, literature and design, he explores the inadequate use of objects, language and the body as tools of communication.

For a few years, Mirutziu has been researching the work of novelist and philosopher Iris Murdoch and the different methodologies she employed to create meaning, both spoken and unspoken. During a short residency at Delfina Foundation, Mirutziu visited Murdoch's archives at Kingston University. Instead of focusing on her most prolific writing period, he concentrated on unfinished writings from the latter stages of her career, which was marked by the onset of Alzheimer's Disease.

In Between Too Soon and Too Late, Mirutziu uses Murdoch's writings as a starting point to reflect on the notion of time and space in relation to meaning. The exhibition, which includes newly commissioned and existing works, explores the 'tiny space' - as identified by Murdoch - where meaning stays tacit, where being and not being are the same. According to Murdoch, this point is in between being 'too soon' and 'too late'. The works in the exhibition attempt to occupy this space and prolong the process of establishing meaning; they refuse to yield a sense of resolution and c  osure, entangling the viewer in a space that is indefinite and inconclusive. Read more.


Doing Sub Thinking
2 June 2018, 14:00 & 15:00
(peformance duration: 40 mins)
Annenberg Courtyard, Royal Accademy of Arts

Alex Mirutziu presents Doing sub thinking, a new performance work for Block Universe festival, co-commissioned with Delfina Foundation and European ArtEast Foundation.

Referencing philosophical thought, national displays of power and collective agency, the work seeks to illustrate the performative forces at play in society. Exploring the de-personalisation of an individual within a crowd, Mirutziu will bring the audience on a journey to make manifest the intangible gaps between thought and action within group dynamics.

The performance is free and no booking is required.


Murat Adash (Germany/Turkey)
Liz Glynn (USA)
Alina Gutkina (Russia)
Clara Ianni (Brazil)
Tamara Kuselman (Argentina)
Maria Meinild (Denmark/Sweden)
Ghaith Mofeed (Syria)
Robertas Narkus (Lithuania)
Andrey Parshikov (Russia)
Joned Suryatmoko (Indonesia)