Delfina Foundation

Theme: Collecting as Practice

Residency & Public Programme

New Museums and Collections: Rudy Tseng and Pauline J. Yao in conversationAn installation for Horniman Gardens by Ali MiharbiseansaasdasdaaaIn 2017, DF launches a new thematic residency programme focused on collecting practices. The programme aims to engage artists, individual collectors and institutions that are conceptually and practically expanding the notion of collecting in terms of aesthetics, ethics, conservation, preservation and value. While DF’s programme is strongly based in contemporary art, this theme will include other areas of visual culture, and beyond.  
Artists and curators whose practice involves inventive approaches to collecting or accumulating, classifying and archiving will be selected, nominated or invited for research or production-based residencies, some in collaboration with institutional partners. Although the accumulation of materials, knowledge and ideas are inherent to the artistic process, DF is most interested in systematic collecting as a central part of creative practice, where the act of collecting and classifying are intertwined, which is arguably where the psychology of collecting and the politics of collecting meet. Relevant examples include Jeremy Deller’s Folk Archive (2005), Akraam Zaatari’s Madani Project (on-going), Michael Rakowitz’s The Flesh Is Yours, The Bones Are Ours (2015), and Khalil Rabah’s The Palestinian Museum of Natural History and Humankind (on-going), among others. 
The programme aims to explore shared philosophical approaches, as well as obsessions, towards collecting by artists, institutions and individual collectors. Individuals who are redefining what constitutes a collection today will be invited to participate in the residency programme for short periods, alongside artists and curators. To date, DF has hosted a visit and public event with Marc & Josee Gensollen, who acquire ephemeral and performative works, and a week-long residency by Alain Servais who is an avid collector of video art and new media works.
The public programme curated by Associate Curator  Rose Le Jeurne will include seminars, artist & collector talks, and displays at DF and within public and private collections.
Collecting as Practice will underpin DF’s residency programme from January to September 2017 with a concentrated period in spring 2017 (3 April to 25 June 2017) and culminating activities in 2018.

Through residencies, new commissions, and events, Collecting as Practice poses urgent questions to both artists and collectors around the philosophy, psychology and politics of collecting. While a number of programmes have recently interrogated issues around collecting practices, Delfina Foundation is the first programme to formally host artists and collectors in residence together to explore shared approaches and concerns and the potential for such practices in the broadest sense.  

Devised by Aaron Cezar, Collecting as Practice underpins a year of Delfina Foundation’s programme with artists, collectors and institutions, that are conceptually and practically expanding the notion of collecting in terms of aesthetics, ethics, conservation, preservation, education and value.

A public programme, curated by Rose Lejeune, develops the theme through a series of discussions exploring radical modes of collecting, and collections as sites with the potential for active and critical engagement in the development of cultural identity, revisionist histories and new narratives. As such, moving beyond a focus on the accumulation of individual art works, the programme unpacks how artists and collectors alike are redefining the critical discourses of collecting in a global context.

Events and outcomes related to the residencies have been staged at Autograph ABP, Delfina Foundation, Tate, the Horniman Museum & Gardens, and the Victoria & Albert Museum so far. Additionally, talks have taken place at Art Brussels and art monte-carlo.

Resident artists and curators
Mark Dion (USA), Özge Ersoy (Turkey), Deyson Gilbert (Brazil), Geumhyung Jeong (South Korea), Joshua Lue Chee Kong (Trinidad and Tobago), Avani Tanya (India), Oriol Vilanova (Spain/Belgium), Ali Miharbi (Turkey) and Wok the Rock (Indonesia), with more to be announced. 

Pedro Barbosa (Brazil), Dorith Galuz (France), Lu Xun (China), Luba Michailova (Ukraine), Daisuke Miyatsu (Japan) and Rudy Tseng (Taiwan), with more to be announced.

Current & forthcoming exhibitions events

Until 11 November 2017
Private Collection: Unperformed Objects
The first UK solo exhibition by Geumhyung Jeong packed with bizarre objects from Jeong's collection, installed alongside video clips of her unsettling performances.

2 to 8 October 2017
Geumhyung Jeong at Tate Modern
A week-long display by Geumhyung Jeong in the Tate Tanks with two ticketed performances of 7ways on 3 October at 17:30 and 5 October at 19:30.

9 October 2017, 19:00
Museums & Collections 
Collector-in-residence Rudy Tseng in conversation with curator Pauline J. Yao of M+ Hong Kong discuss the changes in the presentation and consumption of contemporary art in Taiwan, China and the broader region.

Until 26 November 2017
Ali Miharbi at the Horniman Museum & Gardens
Ali Miharbi's new installation Wind Organ is inspired by the museum's musical instrument collection.

Previous Events

24 April, 19:00
Sharing Collections
Exploring the relationships that are formed between collectors and artists, Pedro Barbosa and Deyson Gilbert discussed their long-term collaboration exploring ephemera - posters, artists’ books and vinyl albums – produced by conceptual artists in the 1960s and 70s that form a substantial part of the Moreas-Barbosa Collection.Please visit our Channel for more.

20-21 May, 12:00-18:00
Open House
Curated by six curators from the Curating Contemporary Art MA Programme at the Royal College of Art, this weekend of events brought together former resident artists of Delfina Foundation as a temporary collection. Please visit our Channel for more.

5 June, 19:00
The Social Value of Private Initiatives and Museums
In conversation with resident collectors Lu Xun (Sifang Art Museum, China) and Luba Michailova (IZOLYATSIA, Ukraine), this discussion explored how private initiatives can bring trans-national critical thinking and pedagogy to local contexts in meaningful ways. Please visit our Channel for more.

20 June, 19:00
Who Really Owns It? Thinking Through Ownership of Contemporary Art and Cultural Heritage
Taking its departure point from research conducted by resident curator Özge Ersoy, this discussion highlighted key artistic, archaeological and architectural practices that address radical notions of social ownership and communal knowledge of artworks and cultural artefacts. Please visit our Channel for more.

22 June, 19:00
This evening featured current resident artists of Delfina Foundation presenting a range of critical and experimental ideas on the notion collecting. It marked the end of Delfina Foundation’s spring programme of residencies.

Art Fairs:
Extending the learnings from the programme to new audiences, Collecting as Practice have been hosting a series of off-site talks in collaboration with international art fairs:

Art Brussels, 22 April, 16:00
Collecting, Intimacy and the Domestic
with Pedro Barbosa, Aaron Cezar, Alain Servais and Dorith Galuz, moderated by Rose Lejeune.

To re-watch the live stream, please visit our Channel or Art Brussels' Facebook page.

art monte-carlo, 29 April, 15:00
Private Collection / Public Audiences
with Pedro Barbosa, Aaron Cezar, and Luba Michailova, moderated by Rose Lejeune.

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