Delfina Foundation

Field Trip - Tomáš Uhnák

Photos from Tomáš Uhnák's walking tour The Politics of Societal Digestion, part of The Politics of Food: Markets and Movements.


Markets and Movements Cafe

Photos from the pop-up cafe

The Politics of Food: Markets and Movements programme culminated in a long-weekend of events and activities organised by our resident and associate artists


Q&A - Deepa Bhasthi (Forager Collective)

Politics of Food resident artist Deepa Bhasthi tells us about Forager Collective's work and her residency

Bengalaru-based artist Deepa Bhasthi is representing Forager Collective as part of The Politics of Food.


Q&A - Chris Fite-Wassilak

Politics of Food UK Associate writer Chris Fite-Wassilak tells us more about his work on cheese and authenticity

Chris Fite-Wassilak is a writer, art critic and curator, a regular contributor to Frieze, Art Review, Art Monthly and Art Papers. He joined Delfina Foundation for The Politics of Food in Summer 2016.


Q&A - Thomas Pausz

Politics of Food UK resident Thomas Pausz talks on his experimental process working with waste materials

Thomas Pausz was born in France and now lives and works in Iceland, his practice focuses on the technological and the esoteric aspects of horticulture.