Delfina Foundation

Transpositions - Photo Gallery

Highlights of the performances

As part of Performance as Process we invited audiences to explore the Delfina Foundation house and witness a presentation of performances from international resident artists Alex Mirutziu, Stephen Kwok, Luísa Nóbrega, and Syowia Kyambi, with the theme of translation as a central focus of the works.


Q&A - Alex Mirutziu

Performance as Process resident Alex Mirutziu expands on his practice, theory and the underlying question 'what performs?'

During his residency Alex presented a new performance with dancer Joshua Hubbard as part of Transpositions, an event that took the theme of translation as its central focus.


Applications open for the 2nd Contemporary Art Foundation Artist Award

Now in collaboration with Delfina Foundation

This year the Contemporary Art Foundation is working in partnership with Delfina Foundation to offer a three-month residency and a three million yen award to Japanese artists and artists living and working in Japan.


Q&A - Emma Smith

Performance as Process UK associate Emma Smith discusses her current research and the development of her performance practice

Emma Smith will be hosting Chorusing on Saturday 11 June. A morning symposium will culminate with a performance experiment by the artist using a new score for collective voicing developed during her residency.


Q&A - Stephen Kwok

Performance as Process resident Stephen Kwok talks on his practice, his humour and navigating the city

Stephen will be presenting a new performance on Tuesday 7 June as part of Transpositions, an event that takes the theme of translation as its central focus.