Delfina Foundation

Yazan Al-Khalili

London/Granada: 04/02/08 — 11/04/08

Yazan Al-Khalili’s work seeks to debunk the popular cliches carried by Orientalist representations of the East by focusing upon spaces that have been historically transformed or carry the signs of change and modernity. An attempt to frame the physical environment as a cultural artefact, his body of work Margins highlighted how collective experiences and lives are visually evoked within such spaces, and how narratives of community coalesce with architectural space:

“As an architect I became concerned in the visual manifestations that are created in the cities I have lived in. These manifestations result from the interaction between humans and their living spaces, how space changes human culture and how human culture changes the architecture of the space. Using photography as a tool to explore the city, in its architectural and social environments, I try to position the city’s complexity and layers into visual form”.

Yazan's residency took place in London and in Granada with Fundacion Rodriguez-Acosta.