Delfina Foundation

Thomas Pausz

London: 27/06/16 — 18/09/16

Thomas Pausz (Iceland/France) creates scenarios for alternative material cultures. Through collaborations and local experimentations in circular thinking, Thomas designs new processes to foster social and environmental change. Using a variety of media, his work stems from a reflection on systems and energy, where a central part is given to food production and locality.

Recent collaborative projects include a Museum-Archive of Icelandic Material Culture in Reykjavik (Points of View, 2016), a series of workshops and text on the future of Food Systems in Iceland (Substitutions, 2015), and an online radio on Animal Ethics (Animal Radio 2015). Personal exhibitions include Hortus Praxis at MUDAM (2012-ongoing), Three Blue Rituals for Comme Des Garcons Berlin (2013), Social Soap, Paris Suburbs (Short Film, 2009). Revisiting The Community Shed (Archival Publication, 2009 & 2012). 

For his project at the Delfina Foundation, Thomas will develop a series of blueprints for the future of Allotments and community Gardens. Based on the movements of Chemurgy, Farm-Hacking and Bio-Design, these imaginary green spaces are hybrids between gardens and factories. This project furthers Thomas's long term research on micro gardens and connected greenhouses, where caring technologies can 'give back' to the environment and create new possible material cycles empowering the local growers. Beyond food production, the Hybrid Allotment project aims at re-evaluating the potential of small scale local production systems.