Delfina Foundation

Tamara Kuselman

London: 07/05/18 — 24/06/18

Tamara Kuselman (Argentina/Spain) is fascinated by the potential in the tension of a falling object - the loss of control between being dropped until it hits the surface below. She believes unexpected situations are an opportunity to learn about your own character and abilities. In her work, Tamara evokes the tug of war between anticipation and loss of control: ceramics that seem creased like a piece of cloth, and performers who analyse the fall while falling. The suggestion of movement immediately undermined by stillness.

During her residency at Delfina, Tamara will continue her research on the strategies when confronted with the sudden. She plans to collaborate with local retired dancers and sports people, exercising falling into steps, as if through analysing the falls one could prevent damage.

Tamara graduated in fine arts from the University of Barcelona and gained an MFA from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. She just finished a one-year residency at Jan Van Eyck, Maastricht. During 2016 she took part in the artist program at Universidad Di Tella in Buenos Aires. Her performances include Falling Will Take You No Further Than the Ground at Arnhem Museum (2016), Free Fall at SMBA (Amsterdam, 2016), The Schizophrenic Prop at Guest Projects (London, 2015), Don’t let your heat slip away at CA2M, (Madrid, 2014), and Still live with Blackcocks at De Appel Arts Center (Amsterdam, 2013). Tamara has done residencies at Hangar (ES), The Banff Center (CA), and Smart Project Space (NL). In 2016 she was award the grant Generación 2016 (Madrid) to produce the video Shut down the door and throw the keys into the gutter. During 2015 she received the following grants: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst (AFK), Stichting Stokroos Stipend (NL). In 2011 she won the Injuve Prize and was given the Miquel Casablancas Grant (ES).