Delfina Foundation

Shaikha al Mazrou

Dubai: 01/02/11 — 25/03/11

Born in the UAE in 1988, Shaikha Al Mazrou received a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts and Design, University of Sharjah, May 2010.

Her work investigates the use of mass-produced electronic waste as appropriated ready-mades for the creation of artworks that deal with colour, form and interaction.  The conceptual development and the assemblage method of these artworks pose diverse questions on formal aspects such as material, form, repetition and geometric structure. It is a process that, inevitably, sets off an unquestionable challenge to the ideologies of industrial mass production through its handmade qualities. The large-scale installations are metaphors for the urban development schemes, a personal revisiting of the works of Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, Donald Judd and Carl Andre that anchors the formal qualities of the work in an art historical background.

Shaikha's current work explores the phenomenon of synchromism, the correspondence of colour and music. Her use of obsolete found objects is not only testing our intellect and our tolerance of what a gallery space can bring to the attention of its public, but is also an exploration of colour harmony in relation to musical harmony.

Shaikha has exhibited both nationally and internationally including at Sharjah Art Museum (UAE), Sharjah National Art Gallery (UAE), Tenri Cultural Institute of New York (USA), Al Kahf Gallery (Palestine) and ACU Gallery, Australia.