Delfina Foundation

Pedram Baldari

London: 02/02/12 — 05/04/12

Born in 1981 in Kurdistan, Pedram Baldari obtained a BA in architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran in 2005.  He has been actively participating in discussions and practices around art, art theory, philosophy and literature since then. Baldari has been executing and exhibiting his concept-driven works in the form of installations, video and performance, all centering around his curiosity and ideas on the realms of socio-political life in Iran and the Middle East. His practice covers a vast contextual area. In one work titled, Experience of Distance and Distance of Experience, he explores and challenges the every-day-life estrangements and social interactions. The viewer, the work itself and the artist/orchestrator enter a critical challenging ground as soon as the viewer enters the physical space of the performance via role reversal: the artist becomes the viewer, the viewer becomes the author.

Through other works, Baldari, has critically examined frames of discourse in search of truth in the fields of power and social conduct vis-a-vie philosophical theories of Jean Baudrillard and Michel Foucault. He achieves this through a complex series of elements that examine the object-viewer-reception relations.

Baldari is currently working on portraying the current states of human affairs amidst diverse social topics such as issues around racial and religious minorities, women’s rights, social hegemonic confrontations, media and other distorting and truth-bending apparatuses.

Pedram lives and works in Tehran, Iran. His residency at Delfina Foundation was a commission-based collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum to create a site-specific work for their Friday Late event with a Nowruz theme.  Images of the work can be viewed here.