Delfina Foundation

Pallavi Paul

London: 14/07/14 — 28/09/14

Pallavi Paul's work is deeply engaged in the technologies of poetry and time travel. She works primarily with video and the installation form to propose orders of tensility that inhabit non-fiction material. Using the disruption between ‘reality image’ and ‘reality affect’ as a starting point, she attempts to create a laboratory of possibilities which test the contours of fantasy, resistance, politics and history.

Her curiosities lead her towards mechanics and disruptions rather than continuities. The textures of video, an inherently staccato form, are used by her as an allegory to open out the potential for exploring diminished moments. The ambition of her work is to create an imaginative play-field where historical combustion can be extricated from the languages of deficiency and mourning, to become a playful critical interface. Pallavi's primary influence is the chaos of the contemporary and the dizzying tesselations that sprout from it.

Her works have been shown at Tate Modern (London), Khoj International Artist’s Studios (New Delhi), Experimenta Film Festival (Bangalore) and Mumbai Film Festival.

She lives in New Delhi, India.