Delfina Foundation

Jungju An

London: 04/06/18 — 14/08/18

Jungju An (South Korea) in his practice seeks to reveal himself and his own subjectivity – which has been hidden behind the collective and the objective – through the process of establishing his own world, based on images and sounds he has collected. He presents his perspective on the uniform structures, such as rules and systems, that control individuals through video in a gesture of resistance or expression of ridicule.

During his residency, Jungju plans to develop a London version of his lip-sync project, which explores physical language, sensual expression, and gestures in a cultural context.

Jungju An received a BFA from Seoul National University and MFA in Media Art from Yonsei University. His works have been featured in the exhibitions at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (2018, Gwacheon, Korea), Arko Art Centre (2016, Seoul, Korea), Atelier Hermès (2015, Seoul, Korea), Fukuoka Asia Museum (2010, Fukuoka, Japan), and Kunstlerhaus Bethanien (2009, Berlin, Germany). He is the recipient of the SongEun Art Award, Seoul, Korea, 2018 and the Doosan Artist Award, Seoul 2014.

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