Delfina Foundation

Gitanjali Dang

London: 27/07/15 — 18/10/15

Gitanjali Dang is a Bombay-based curator, writer and researcher. She is interested in creating intimacy between all manners of context—including ideas, histories, philosophies, geographies and disciplines. Gitanjali hopes to make visible underlying hybridity and question notions of identity construction. She is curator of Khanabadosh, an itinerant arts lab she founded in Bombay in 2012.

Past exhibitions and projects include the India chapter of the online intervention (2010) and Shikaar: The Hunt (2011) Select City Walk Mall, New Delhi. Her recent projects with Khanabadosh include Kairos (2013) Shedhalle, Zürich, and Love in the Time of Choleric Capitalism (2014), What About Art?, Bombay, which in 2016 will travel to The School of Arts and Aesthetics Gallery, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Amongst recent projects is Draft, a year-long undertaking conceived in collaboration with Institute for Contemporary Art Research (IFCAR) - engaging critical discourse and practice related to the public sphere, the project is anchored in nine metropolises and opened with a conference in Bombay in June 2015.

César lives and works in Mexico.

César Martínez’s work tackles the diverse economic, social and cultural tensions that Mexico has faced in the last decades. Departing from the logic of provocation, criticism and uncertainty, and displaying humorous appropriations of language’s conceptual ambivalence, César employs multiple supports to tackle complex topics. From installation and sculpture made of edible materials to performance and conceptual objects he explores social malaise in the face of a frustrating system, the defeat of the institutions, globalization and the submission of the Mexican government to U.S. dictates among others subjects.


César has done over 200 performances in International venues, and has also participated in many conferences and round tables. His work is in important art collections such as the Carsten Norman in Germany, Fundació Sorigué in Spain, Colezzione “La Gaia” and Associazione Prometeo in Italy, MUCA UNAM, and various private collections in the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates, among others.


Recently he won a scholarship for graduate studies granted by the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, where he earned recognition for his teaching activities two consecutive years. Since 2002 he has been part of the Mexican National Creator’s System.


César lives and works in Mexico.